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Triad of Health

Triad of Health

Each and every day our lives are put to the test facing challenging environmental obstacles. The triad of health represents the three sides of our health that are affected by these day to day challenges. The balance of three health areas: structural, chemical, and mental, is the foundation of one’s health. An imbalance to any one or more of these areas leads to health challenges or dis-eases. These dis-eases lead to disease or other health related conditions. Our goal is to help you identify your underlying causes of health challenges and create a plan to help you achieve your optimal wellness goals.



Structural imbalances in our daily lives creates health problems in many ways especially putting stress upon our nervous system. For example, seated for hours daily in front of a computer causes a weakening or imbalance in muscle function which in turn affects the body’s structural equilibrium. Frequent exercises, if done improperly, are also structural stressors that can lead to imbalances. Physical injuries in life also affect our structure whether they are more noticeable (from an auto or work related injury) or more subtle (from a not so noticeable non-braced injury.) A structural problem left unaddressed over time can cause additional structural health issues as well as chemical and mental stressors. Exercise recommendations for correction of structural stability will be available to help you achieve your optimal wellness goals.




“We are what we eat.” –or– “We are a reflection of what we eat.” It is imperative that we nourish our bodies with essential nutrients every day while avoiding contaminants and toxins that put dis-ease upon our health. An improper or unbalanced fuel supply puts a tremendous strain on our organs, tissues, and glands. Moreover, many people unfortunately suffer from a type of nutritional deficiency or biochemical imbalance due to dietary habit changes and refined foods known as “empty calories.” Nutritional recommendations, if needed, will be there to help you achieve your optimal wellness goals.



Our mind/brain connection controls the function of all of our organs. Stressors in the day affecting us mentally can cause elevated blood pressure, visual disturbances, over or under functioning digestive pathways, stomach issues, hormone changes, respiratory changes, and many other systemic health related imbalances. Having a health care plan and working on a wheel of balance sheet, provided at our office, will help you stay focused on reaching your optimal wellness goals.