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Meet Dr. Bowie

Dr. Kevin Bowie was born in southern Minnesota but grew up by Decatur, Illinois and later moved to Centralia, Illinois. In Centralia, he spent much of his time at a local gym, maintaining his own health and helping others to achieve fitness goals of their own. At the gym in Centralia, he met a chiropractor, learned of the great benefits, and then decided to pursue the path to become a chiropractor himself to help people achieve their individual healthcare goals. Dr. Bowie is a December 2000 graduate of the Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri. While there, he earned a certification in Applied Kinesiology from the international College of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Bowie began practice in Tolono, Illinois after graduation, then opened Bowie Chiropractic in Champaign, Illinois in June of 2001.

Dr. Bowie has pursued other topics and techniques of interest over the years through postgraduate studies to help people in the community such as: nutrition, pain management, rehabilitation, adjusting techniques, and functional neurology studies. In his free time, Dr. Bowie enjoys outdoor activities such as bicycling, kayaking, fishing, studying geology, and barbecuing with his friends and family.