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Pumpkin time

A unit in my sons class had him begging to visit a pumpkin patch. The drive to The Pumpkin Patch went fast and before long we had our wagon and were headed toward the fields. After visiting some animals and seeing some great displays, we left with homemade treats, pumpkins, gourds and even tiny jars of [...]


Baby cichlids!

Many of my patients enjoy coming in to see the office fish tank. The kids seem to enjoy spotting the different colors of fish. Many of the adults love coming in just to relax and watch them swim around. I admit- it's rather calming. I enjoy the tank because my son loves helping me keep [...]

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Day trip to Springfield

Some people head to Springfield, Illinois for the history. Others go to visit friends and family. But my wife and I gathered the kids and hit the road for two reasons: Scheels and Chuckie Cheese. For months now, our four-year-old has been begging to go to Chuckie Cheese. And for months now, I've been wanting [...]


Fall leaves

Leaves are deceptive. What appears to be a fun, fall project always takes more time then expected. I had a vision of raking the yard while the kids took some downtime. I planned to leave a couple large piles for them to jump and play in. But when the kids decided to "help" earlier than [...]


Agave sundae

My father-in-law recently attended an event, and the gift to each attendee was a box of treats. As the kids searched through the products, my eyes caught a glimpse of a product I'd heard of, but never tried. It was packets of flavored agave nectar. I'd read stories about how some swear by the nectar [...]


Fish tank compliments

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my new fish tank. But I must admit I can't take all the credit as I was fortunate enough to have two super heroes help me with the prep work. While it did take hours to complete the new habitat, it was well worth it. The fish enjoys [...]


Painting complete

Just wanted to give you all an update with the office changes. The painting was finished on Thursday- the painters were wonderful and used a no VOC paint (Harmony by Sherwin Williams) so there's no odor at all! This week the new kids table and chairs arrived, as well as the new credenza and framed [...]

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Office updates

Just wanted to give you all an update and let you know that we're in the process of refreshing the office. Some of you who have been in over the past couple days have already noticed the changes. Wall mounted bookshelves are being removed prior to the fresh coat of paint going up shortly. Several [...]


Sweet corn: sweet success

Last weekend was great! Though the weather was hot, the skies were blue and the sweet corn festival 2013 was fantastic. Hats off to the Urbana Business Association, the City if Urbana and the countless volunteers who made this event such a success. Happy faces, full bellies, laughing kids and great company filled the streets. [...]


Where is Champaign-Urbana?

Recently I was in California for my sister-in-laws wedding (aka the person on the Bowie Chiropractic exercise sheets.) My part was easy. Keep the younger kids busy and chat with people. Day one my responses were as follows: Kevin. Chiropractor. Wife's sister. Illinois. No, not a Chicago suburb- but close (smile). Day two: Kevin. Chiropractor. [...]