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Activate Your Health

by Bowie Chiropractic

  • Do you suffer from back pain, neck, pain, headaches, whiplash, arthritis, numbness and tingling, tendinitis, strains, and sprains?

  • Do you tolerate day-to-day, restricted movements, sciatica, overuse, injuries, etc?

  • Have you noticed a movement such as bending, sitting, standing walking, rotating, being or becoming difficult?
Through stress, fatigue, and or injury, Nerves can unfortunately become stretched, compressed, and or irritated, creating the unfortunate symptoms and loss/diminished functions stated above.

Chiropractic care has helped many people over the years to address unfortunate symptoms and losses of function by helping the body to restore spine alignment, vertebral function, and reducing/eliminating inflammation.

“Activate Your Health” by Bowie Chiropractic

is a three phase conservative way to help you and others suffering like you to get back doing what is needed wanted and loved to do. The first phase begins with healing. The second phase is about bringing back strength, and the third phase focuses on endurance and maintenance to prevent you from falling back to the first phase of healing.

Where are you in the three phases of care? Are you healing? Is your body ready for strengthening? Are you looking for endurance or maintenance?

How do you get started?

Feel free to send a message below or call the office at 217-359-7702. You can schedule a consult and evaluation to determine where you are in the three phases of care then specific unique care options for you can be recommended moving forward with care is always your choice.