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What Is Whiplash?

image of woman with her hands on the back of her neck and a look of pain on her face

When you think of whiplash, most people immediately think “car accident.” But a fall or many types of repetitive movements may also cause whiplash. Sometimes the symptoms from whiplash take days or even weeks to manifest themselves but the damage it causes can last for years.

What exactly is whiplash? It’s a condition in which the joints in the back of the neck, joints that usually slide easily over one another, are forced together usually in an acceleration/deceleration injury, causing damage to the nerves, discs, ligaments and muscles all around them.

The Symptoms? Generally these include headaches, dizziness, neck and arm pain, decreased attention span and the ability to focus, and fatigue. They sometimes can be both very painful and downright debilitating to the whiplash sufferer.

Contacting a chiropractor immediately for a thorough examination if you have been involved in an accident or suspect that you might be the victim of a whiplash injury can help prevent the symptoms and their severity described above. The earlier you are to establish the proper intervention, via chiropractic adjustments, the better your chances for a full recovery.

Chiropractic adjustments can also help older whiplash injuries, but recovery is usually slower and care during the acute phase generally takes longer.

At Bowie Chiropractic, whiplash injuries are managed carefully with precise neck adjustments, passive therapies to reduce inflammation, heat and sometimes ice are often used, active care and rehabilitative exercises are designed to address the injured neck and shoulder muscles and joints. This has been shown to be very effective in managing the symptoms of whiplash, particularly the headaches that often accompany this type of injury.

Do you or a friend have a question in concerns to an acute or older whiplash injury? Feel free to give Bowie Chiropractic a call at 217-359-7702 or send a message from the website displayed below.

Spring is around the corner and I am looking forward to cycling, archery, hiking, sports with the kids, and walking the dogs. Hopefully I can fit some time in to read a book or go fishing as well! There are some great continuing education opportunities coming up. There’s some seminars touching upon digestive health, immune function, adjusting techniques, rehabilitation, and cardiology I’m looking forward to attending. Several companies, organizations, and schools have health fair events this spring. If your company has an event you would like to see Bowie Chiropractic at, feel free to give the office a call.

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