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Plan an Adventure!

image of two children walking on a path in the woods

At the end of the year last summer I realized in talking with my kids that it seemed like we had missed out on some great adventures. We did have some great times but it seemed like the summer went by so quickly. The weather was turning colder as it is now and I kept thinking of activities I could have done or still wanted to do. So, my boys and I came up with a summer bucket check list.

One of my boys pulled out a 70 page spiral notebook and began numbering lines to record ideas for the next summer’s bucket list. That day was fun taking some time to brainstorm ideas. Over the cold months hosting days of less daylight, more ideas would randomly pop up giving us more options for the list. As the spring season rolled near, the list was categorized into indoor vs outdoor activities. This would help us pick something out to do in the event that the weather may not be conducive to an outdoor activity. We came up with several ideas over the winter months. Some of these would include: fishing, biking, kayaking, hiking, rock and gem hunting, races, fairs, exploring museums, and several others. Some activities were very simple tasks while others took a little more planning.

Some weeks were very hot, some weeks had storms and rain, while others were just the perfect weather to be outdoors. I can remember from over the years before that the change in weather could seem stressful when forcing a change in plans. Having a bucket list ready appeared to take that stress away providing a quick reminder of all the other activities that were available to explore. Although there were a few items on the list that went without being checked, the summer felt quite fulfilled with all the activities that we were able to accomplish. I think the non checked items has the boys motivated to work on a list for next year.

Surrounding the logo above, a triad appears with each side owning a foundation of health. Planning and taking part in an adventure may be a great way to take a mental break, get some exercise, and some fresh outdoor air. Next time you are in for an adjustment to help restore your posture, improve your spinal mobility, or reduce inflammation, feel free share your adventures or planned adventures.

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Have a great week!

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