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Blueberries DON’T have legs

The weekend was a success! My bucket weighed in at 4.5 pounds. Our group left with a total of 12 pounds, and I’m happy to say that they have all been eaten, baked or frozen for use at a later date. I’m no farmer, but I’d guess that there will still be blueberries available for several weeks. I’ve made a list of a few things to consider before you head out to White Heath.

1. If you want to avoid bug bites, bring bug spray. Whether you’re a deep woods off fan or prefer to use skin-so-soft, you might encounter those pesky mosquitos and biting flies if there’s no breeze.

2. Save a few berries for Sammy the berry eating dog. Even though an unlimited supply could be all his for the taking, he seems to be spoiled and will jump to grab them in mid air before they hit the ground.

3. Not all round dark things are berries. My wife picked a few Japanese Beetles. Hence the screams I heard a few rows over. Blueberries don’t have legs.

4. Ripe berries should leave the bush easily. If you pull the berry and it shakes the bush (releasing any bugs on the bush at an alarming rate) consider it natures little way of letting you know that you should have left that bad boy on the bush a bit longer.

5. Bring cash to pay. Or a check. But not credit cards.

6. Stay hydrated. It’s hot out there. Drinks are available for purchase in the building where you pay – but incase you’re picky about your beverage of choice…come prepared.


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  • XtremeNO July 23, 2010, 3:24 pm

    Just a brief hello and also to say thanks for discussing your thinkings in this post. I ended up on your website after searching fitness related things on Yahoo… guess I lost track of exactly what I was doing! In any event I’ll be back again in the future to read your blogposts down the road. See you later!

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