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Jack LaLanne, Chiropractor

Whether you’re in your 20’s or in your 80’s, chances are you’ve heard of Jack LaLanne. Some call him the juice man, others the king of fitness. But did you know he was also a chiropractor? The more I read about this man, the more fascinating I find him. It’s hard to believe that many of the machines in gym today were actually inspired by him and his passion for preventing illness and promoting strength. For more info on Jack’s amazing lifestyle, click here. What an impressive guy. It’s hard to believe in this picture he was 71!

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  • chiropractor oconomowoc wi April 19, 2012, 12:43 pm

    Many people with high blood pressure would like to find a way to avoid taking medication. A trip to the chiropractor may seem an unlikely alternative. But an intriguing study is showing that a special kind of neck adjustment is helping some patients lower their blood pressure without drugs.