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Good Work Mr. Honey Bee

My wife and I try hard to get our kids to try new foods. “You never know…you might like it!”- is heard on a regular basis. So this weekend, at the Tour de Cure, those same words popped into my head when I was presented with a pouch of Honey Stinger Energy Gel.

Now let me start off by saying I’m certainly not their celebrity spokesperson. Nor do I get paid to write about this- or any other product. But unlike many other energy supplements I’ve used- this was by far different. And better.

I popped open the gel at mile 12. Gutsy move. It could have left me feeling bloated or nauseous. Other energy products have left me feeling “off” or make me have peaks of energy followed by a crash. But this one was different. It was made of honey- which i’ve always been a fan of, especially when you can find some locally. And it was organic- and it tasted good.

So the next day, I Googled the product. (and snapped a couple photos to share with my patients).

So if you’re looking for a great, organic product that has the same glucose to fructose ratio as a piece of fruit- I suggest you give Honey Stinger a try. Good work Mr. Honey Bee. Good work.



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