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Full bellied babies sleep best

The other day, I once again opened my freezer to find ice cube trays and muffin tins full of strange colored ice. Oh, it’s baby food time again. Nice.

During the day, to make it easier on the school, our son eats organic baby food from the jar. Earth’s Best makes a wonderful line of baby food, and when you watch the prices, you can get it for .50 a jar (vs. the typical .79-1.00 per jar). To save even more money – and add a little variety, we also make food from scratch. So once a month our home becomes a massive baby food preparation operation. Bags of frozen squash, peas, fresh sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and more (including that hormone/antibiotic free range chicken) are all cooked, pureed and frozen into cubes – making an unlimited number of dinner combinations for our son. Those that need more “instruction” or who would like to “fun it up a bit” should check out the baby food website here.

Does feeding your baby organic baby food mean that the child will be smarter, healthier or happier? Depends on who you ask. But it works for our family, saves us some money and makes my wife feel like she’s being a good mom. Which means I’m happier too.

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  • Jade June 23, 2010, 10:19 am

    I’m currently expecting our first child (a boy, too!), and I’m all in favor of an all-organic diet for our little one, at least until he’s two. I’ve heard this is the age when organic food versus non-organic is important so as not to impair brain development with unnecessary chemicals. Though it can be more expensive, I love the idea of making your own baby food! I’ll be checking out that website for sure!