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Day trip to Springfield

Some people head to Springfield, Illinois for the history. Others go to visit friends and family. But my wife and I gathered the kids and hit the road for two reasons: Scheels and Chuckie Cheese.

For months now, our four-year-old has been begging to go to Chuckie Cheese. And for months now, I’ve been wanting to take the kids to Scheels. (Ok, I’d been wanting to go, but I figured they would enjoy the fish tank I’d heard so much about.) And then it happened. We had a Saturday with no afternoon commitments. No sporting events. No parties. No family gatherings. So we hopped in the car and made the trip. And it was wonderful.

As we got off the exit, I could see the building sitting there. We walked in the front door, and as expected, the kids were instantly drawn toward the huge fish tank. There was also an indoor Ferris wheel, indoor driving simulators, lazer shooting ranges, indoor sports simulators, thousands of fishing poles and of course, bicycles. My wife and daughter spent several hours shopping downstairs while the boys and I headed upstairs to explore. Then, my wife and daughter took the boys and I headed out to explore. The staff was so friendly, and just as I was trying to rationalize the purchase of another trek bicycle I got an SOS text from my wife that the kids were done. So off to Chuckie Cheese we went. We played some games, ate some food, and made some memories. And I’d do it all over again: well, the Scheels part anyway.












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